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How to create a Lexigogo video contract

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Step 1 of 6

Press the red + button to create a new video contract

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Step 2 of 6

Complete a contract title and select the country of creation

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Step 3 of 6

Video-record (film) your agreement or transaction

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Step 6 of 6

Send your proposal to the other party for review and signing

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Step 5 of 6

Review the personal details of the other party

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Step 4 of 6

Search for and select the other party

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How to sign a Lexigogo video contract

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Step 1 of 5

Select the contract proposal under the 'Received' tab

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Step 2 of 5

Watch all the videos (obligatory) and review the details of the other party

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Step 3 of 5

If you agree, press the 'Agree' button to continue with signing the contract

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Step 5 of 5

Or you can sign the contract with your password

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Step 4 of 5

You can sign the contract with your biometric signature

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The Lexigogo app layout

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My contracts

On the My contracts screen, you have easy 24/7 access to all your contracts, including the ones you are drafting, have received or sent, and the ones that are effective (signed).

My connections

On the My connections screen, all your Lexigogo connections are listed.  You can search for other users and invite them to connect in order to gain full access to all their personal details.

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My profile

On the My profile screen, you can complete your personal details and change the settings.  For example, you can indicate if you don’t want to be visible to other users or if you want to enable your biometric signature.


The My notifications screen displays all your notifications, including new connection requests, new contract proposals ready for signing and confirmations when the other party has signed a contract.

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Create a contract

Press the red + button in the bottom menu to start creating a new video contract.  

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