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Video proofs

Use cases


Documenting a car accident

Consumers    Businesses

You just had a car accident and want to make sure that everything is well-documented for the insurance? Film the damages as well as the ‘context’ of the accident (position of your car, condition of the road, weather conditions,…).


Reporting damages


You are renting an apartment and you want to report a burst water pipe, a broken toilet or water flooding? Make a short video showing and stating the specific damage. No more room for misunderstandings or disputes with your landlord afterwards.


Claiming your rights


Your plane or high-speed train is massively delayed and you want to claim your right on reimbursement? Just make a quick video showing the delay and use the video when submitting your claim to the airline or railway company.


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Hosts of vacation rentals

Consumers   Businesses

You are an Airbnb host and your guests broke a lamp or reversed their car over your newly landscaped garden? Video record the damages and add it as evidence to your claim for the security deposit.

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How to create

video proof

How it works Proof 1.jpg

Step 1 of 5

Press the red + button 

How it works Proof 2.jpg

Step 2 of 5

Select 'Create Proof'

How it works Proof 2 2.jpg

Step 3 of 5

Complete a proof title 

How it works Proof 4.jpg

Step 5 of 5

Submit your video proof to Lexigogo for secure storage

How it works Proof 3.jpg

Step 4 of 5

Video-record the situation, state or condition

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How to share

video proof

Lxgg video contract not shared.jpg

Step 1 of 3

Click the sharing tick-box under the video proof title

Lxgg video contract shared.jpg

Step 2 of 3

Click the sharing button and share a URL link through email or Whatsapp

Lxgg video proof web.jpg

Step 3 of 3

The receiving party can see the video proof in his or her web browser

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