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Video contracts

Use cases


Contract assignments

Consumers    Businesses

Want a room painted? Need a home repair? Visually capture the space or repair involved and set the terms with your contractor. Create another video upon project completion to vouch for a job well done.

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Lending personal items


Tired of people borrowing your things and keeping them or bringing them back in poor condition? Avoid damaging friendships over material goods by making a video contract. It’s a great reminder tool to return items as well. 


Lending money


Borrowing or loaning money? Simply record how much and repayment terms to validate what is often just a verbal agreement.


Equal access to justice

Consumers    Businesses

More than 1.5 billion people on our planet can not read or write properly... but do sign written contracts every day.  Lexigogo aims to bring more legal comfort, security and equality to all layers of society, all over the world.


Selling personal items


Easily record any sales transaction, showing the item for sale and its condition. Leave no room for dispute once the sale is completed.

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Entry and exit inspections

Consumers    Businesses

Prove that the room you rented was in good condition before and after use.​  No more endless disputes whether damage occurred before or after! Over the past few months, Lexigogo has indeed become quite popular among Airbnb hosts and guests.     


Confirming deliveries

Consumers    Businesses

Did the furniture you ordered arrive as expected or was it damaged, requiring replacement? Just take a quick video upon arrival and add visual proof!


Performing artists


In today's music world, most agreements are still made verbally.  Simply video-record band contracts, copyrights, artist rights or agreements on live venue performances to avoid any disputes afterwards.


Sharing Economy (rental)


From bikes to cloths and from flats to household tools, we are, increasingly, willing to share what we own with others.  Avoid disputes about whether damages occurred before or after sharing by taking a quick video.


Talent release forms 


Lexigogo is a great tool for film production companies and modeling agencies to capture the permission of talent to distribute or publish their productions, without the hassle of written contracts.


Real estate management 


Real estate property management firms can use Lexigogo not only for entry and exit inspections but also for validating agreements with contractors and repair firms, as well as for monitoring the quality of repairs and maintenance. 


Art galleries and dealers 


Want to quickly validate the sales of an artwork, a commission of an art piece or an agreement with an art gallery about your next exhibition, just make a Lexigogo video and add visual proof. 


Any other ideas 

or suggestions? 

Let us know!

Drone applications 


You have a boat rental company and tired of disputes with your clients about whether damages to the hull of the boat occurred before or after rental? Just mount your smartphone onto your drone and take a quick Lexigogo video before and after.

Friendly bets


Want to capture bets with your friends on the next game?  Just make a quick video and be sure you'll get the drinks you deserve when your team wins! 

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How to create

video contract

Create 1.jpg

Step 1 of 6

Press the red + button to create a new video contract

Create 2.jpg

Step 2 of 6

Complete a contract title and select the country of creation

Create 3.png

Step 3 of 6

Video-record (film) your agreement or transaction

Create 7.jpg

Step 6 of 6

Send your proposal to the other party for review and signing

Create 6.jpg

Step 5 of 6

Review the personal details of the other party

Create 5.jpg

Step 4 of 6

Search for and select the other party

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How to sign a

video contract

Sign 1.jpg

Step 1 of 5

Select the contract proposal under the 'Received' tab

Sign 2.jpg

Step 2 of 5

Watch all the videos (obligatory) and review the details of the other party

Sign 3.jpg

Step 3 of 5

If you agree, press the 'Agree' button to continue with signing the contract

Sign 5.jpg

Step 5 of 5

Or you can sign the contract with your password

Sign 4.jpg

Step 4 of 5

You can sign the contract with your biometric signature

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How to share a

video contract

Lxgg video proof not shared.jpg

Step 1 of 3

Click the sharing tick-box under the video contract title

Lxgg video proof shared.jpg

Step 2 of 3

Click the sharing button and share a URL link through email or Whatsapp

Lxgg video contract web.jpg

Step 3 of 3

The receiving party can see the video contract in his or her web browser

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