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Video-record the condition of your Airbnb rental before entering and leaving

Whether you are a host or a guest, many Airbnb users have already experienced it: endless, frustrating disputes about the condition of the flat or whether damages occurred before or after the guest's stay. With the Lexigogo mobile video-contracting app such discussions and disputes finally belong to the past! Just make a quick Lexigogo video of the condition of the flat before entering and leaving to add visual proof and avoid disputes and misunderstandings. Upon acceptance by both host and guest, Lexigogo videos are securely stored in the Lexigogo cloud providing unchangeable evidence. Download Lexigogo today for free!   

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Avoid disputes in three easy steps


Both host and guest to download the Lexigogo app, create an account and connect with each other


Upon arrival, guest to create a new Lexigogo video contract, film the condition of the flat and send the video-contract to the host for acceptance


Before departing, guest to create another Lexigogo video contract and film again the condition of the flat. Happy host, happy guest! 


Each Lexigogo video has a geolocation and timestamp notification validating exactly where and when the contract was created

Geolocation icon.png
Timestamp picture.png

All effective (signed) Lexigogo videos are securely stored in the Lexigogo Cloud providing unchangeable evidence

Miller family (New York, NY)

We rent out three  flats using Airbnb and ever since we have started using the Lexigogo app, we haven't had one single dispute about damages or missing items

Chris (Berlin, Germany)

Once downloaded, Lexigogo is super easy and fast to use.  Video adds so much visual proof that it doesn't leave  any room for misunderstandings. Highly recommended!!

Eric (Melbourn, Australia)

As an Airbnb management professional, I use Lexigogo every single day.  Not only for video-recording our flats, but also to validate agreements with our contractors and partners

No more stories like these...

Photograph: Peter Jordan/The Sun/News Syndication

Airbnb party host accused of trashing flat denies breaking rules

The Guardian (2016) - The woman who hosted a New Year’s Eve party at an Airbnb London flat has denied she broke any rules after its owner claimed it was trashed by more than 100 drug-taking revellers who caused £3,000 in damage.  Rikki Campbell said on Tuesday she had rented the flat to celebrate her 21st birthday, which is on New Year’s Day. She admitted having 60 people at the west London flat but claimed she had a right to hold a gathering, despite having only booked for one guest to stay.  Read full article here.

 Download Lexigogo today for free and have it ready before your next Airbnb stay!


*Note: Lexigogo is a medium developed by Lexigogo BVBA to store and exchange video contracts. Lexigogo BVBA does not in any case provide legal or any

other kind of advice, nor does its use create or enter into an attorney-client relationship. Lexigogo BVBA cannot be held liable or responsible for the content

of any video contract, nor any and all consequences (personal, legal, paralegal, etc.), damages, obligations and claims related to or arising therefrom. In case

of doubt about the validity of a specific agreement in a Lexigogo Video Contract in a specific geography or jurisdiction, we recommend that you consult a

lawyer licensed to practice law in your country or state. Please click the link above to access our full Terms & Conditions. Lexigogo BVBA is not a qualified trust service provider. 

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