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Mobile app to make binding video

contracts anytime, anywhere

Lexigogo allows users to create video contracts to validate simple

agreements without the hassle of creating written ones.

Patent pending

Benefits of Lexigogo

  • Visual proof adds context and detail

  • Visual proof prevents conflicts and confusion

  • No need for written agreements

  • Create contracts anytime, anywhere

  • Reduce time and save costs

  • No complex writing or reading skills required

  • View all contracts in one location

  • Independent cloud storage of contracts

  • Unchangeable legal evidence

Two registered users make a private or business agreement

One of the parties records the agreement using Lexigogo

The video contract is stored in  the Lexigogo cloud

Once both parties have accepted the video contract it becomes effective

Both parties can easily review and manage their video contracts 


Validating verbal agreements and much more …

No matter if you’re lending money, hiring a contractor or selling a personal item, Lexigogo is a simple and secure way to capture a verbal agreement with visual proof without the hassle of a written contract.


But that’s not all. Take the example of a painter you want to contract to paint your living room.  There are at least four different ways in which Lexigogo could be practical and convenient:

Validation of the agreement. Visually capture the space to be painted and set the terms with your contractor.

Reminder function. Before starting work, the painter can watch the video contract again to verify and ensure the right work will be done.

Approval of change in work. In order to rapidly anticipate unforeseen circumstances, the painter can send you a video contract with a proposal for a change of work. You can easily review and accept the proposed changes wherever you are.

Proof of satisfactory service. Is the job done as specified? Capture the completion of work by both parties to close the project.

Insurance Policy

Nearly all major insurance plans accepted

 More than 1.5 billion people cannot read or write properly

 ...but do sign written contracts every day 

Legality of a Lexigogo video contract

Lexigogo video contracts are electronic documents signed with electronic signatures and are therefore legally binding for most personal and business transactions around the world (including the United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia, Russia and India).

Lexigogo video contracts have been developed so that:

  • A signer can uniquely be identified

  • A signer can be uniquely linked to a signature

  • The signers have access to their contracts at any time

  • Effective contracts cannot be altered or tampered with

 Download Lexigogo today for free

 and have it ready before you need it!


*Note: Lexigogo is a medium developed by Lexigogo BVBA to store and exchange video contracts. Lexigogo BVBA does not in any case provide legal or any

other kind of advice, nor does its use create or enter into an attorney-client relationship. Lexigogo BVBA cannot be held liable or responsible for the content

of any video contract, nor any and all consequences (personal, legal, paralegal, etc.), damages, obligations and claims related to or arising therefrom. In case

of doubt about the validity of a specific agreement in a Lexigogo Video Contract in a specific geography or jurisdiction, we recommend that you consult a

lawyer licensed to practice law in your country or state. Please click the link above to access our full Terms & Conditions. Lexigogo BVBA is not a qualified trust service provider. 

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