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Guidelines: delivery confirmation

Did the furniture you ordered arrive as expected or was it damaged, requiring replacement?


Step 1: Identify the parties

As a registered user, open the Lexigogo app and push the + button to create a new video contract. Identify both yourself and the other party when starting the video recording, stating your full names and details as well as your roles in the agreement (delivery rep, recipient, etc.).

Step 2: Delivery details

Upon arrival at the delivery address, video the item as it leaves the truck/delivery van. If the item has to be installed or moved into a home, video the delivery people putting it in the right place. In case there is damage to the item or environment as a result of delivery, you should document by video in detail. You can also video the recipient accepting the delivery or a machine functioning after it has been installed. Zoom where necessary and ensure adequate lighting.

Step 3: Payment, conditions and terms

Agree on the delivery date, any fees (extra costs, payment upon delivery, etc.) and any charges that may apply in case of delay or damage. In case of damage, fully document it by video and try to haven the delivery person confirm it on video.

Step 4: Mutual consent and “signature”

Once your draft video contract is ready, send it to the other party for approval. After approved, the video contract will be sent back to you for “counter-signature.” It becomes effective for both parties upon signature.


Note: The app will automatically log your geolocation, date and time so no need to state in your video.

*Note: Lexigogo is a medium developed by Lexigogo BVBA to store and exchange video contracts. Lexigogo BVBA does not in any case provide legal or any

other kind of advice, nor does its use create or enter into an attorney-client relationship. Lexigogo BVBA cannot be held liable or responsible for the content

of any video contract, nor any and all consequences (personal, legal, paralegal, etc.), damages, obligations and claims related to or arising therefrom. In case

of doubt about the validity of a specific agreement in a Lexigogo Video Contract in a specific geography or jurisdiction, we recommend that you consult a

lawyer licensed to practice law in your country or state. Please click the link above to access our full Terms & Conditions. Lexigogo BVBA is not a qualified trust service provider. 

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