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Video contracts

Film and validate agreements between two users

No matter if you’re lending money to a friend, hiring a contractor to paint your living room or closing a business deal, simply video-record your agreements and transactions.  Compared to written agreements, audio-visual proof adds more content and detail, and also helps to prevent frustrating disputes and legal conflicts afterwards. Good agreements make good friends!   More...

Video proofs

Film and submit evidence as a single user

You are renting an apartment and you want to report a broken water pipe to your landlord?  You just had a car accident and you want to have everything well-documented for your insurance?  Or your flight has been massively delayed and you want to claim your rights on reimbursement. Simply make a short Lexigogo video proof to capture authentic evidence!  More...

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Anytime, anywhere!

Whether you are in a restaurant, in a meeting room or just outside on the street, the only things you need to create a Lexigogo video is a few minutes and your smartphone. So yes, literally anytime, anywhere!

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is priceless"

Tamper-proof videos

Lexigogo videos differ from regular smartphone videos as they are not stored on your smartphone but automatically uploaded into the Lexigogo Cloud.  In this way, users cannot manipulate or tamper with the recorded videos.  Also, each Lexigogo video automatically receives a geolocation and timestamp, and user identification occurs through meta-data.  Thus Lexigogo videos are fully verified and discussions about the authenticity, time and place of the recorded video can be avoided, even in court.

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No complex writing or reading skills required

Globally, more than 1 billion people cannot properly read or write but do sign written contracts and legal documents every day.  Lexigogo provides these people with a powerful tool to assure themselves they truly understand what they agree upon.  

Download Lexigogo today and have it ready before you need it!

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