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Tips for making a video contract

In addition to including all essential elements to make a Lexigogo video contract legally binding and enforceable, it is also important to capture a video of sufficient quality to avoid vagueness and uncertainty.


Here are tips to help you make a quality Lexigogo video contract:

  • Before recording the agreement, prepare information you wish to cover.

  • Do a test-trial to verify the video and audio quality.

  • Ask a friend or colleague to help you record your agreement.  

  • Use devices such as a selfie stick, external mic or tripod to improve the recording.

  • Start each video by stating the full names and details of both parties as well as their roles in the agreement (buyer, seller, client, etc.).

  • Speak clearly, loudly and slowly.

  • Include any subject or detail in the video which is relevant to your agreement.

  • Use visual gestures (e.g., point to and zoom in or damages or flaws) to further detail your agreement.   


  • Avoid filming people who are not part of the video contract to respect their privacy.

  • State in the video whether or not the video contract is confidential and can or cannot be shown to any third party without the consent of the other party.

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