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Lexigogo: World’s First Mobile App to Create Legally Binding Video Contracts

Brussels, Belgium; October 1, 2018 – Belgian legal-tech company Lexigogo BVBA has announced the launch of its new mobile app, Lexigogo, which enables users to use their smartphones to create legally binding video contracts secured in third-party storage. The app allows registered users to provide visual proof of agreements without the hassle of making written ones.


Patent pending Lexigogo is an easy and fast way to video-record agreements. It may be used for any type of agreement or transaction that would benefit from visual proof or quick validation. There are many possible use cases, such as lending money between friends and family, hiring a contractor or freelancer, selling or lending out personal items like a car or dress, confirming the delivery of furniture, and checking in/out a rented or shared flat.  


“With Lexigogo, we want to create a major shift in how people make agreements with each other,” says Laurens Theunis, founder & CEO of Lexigogo BVBA. “Just like with online banking, which allows for instant payments, Lexigogo allows its users to create video contracts anytime, anywhere.”


Lexigogo offers multiple user benefits. It: 1) adds visual proof, thus adding context and preventing conflicts or legal battles, 2) does not require pen and paper, nor complex writing or reading skills, 3) offers unchangeable legal evidence and secure, independent cloud storage, 4) eliminates the costs, time and “emotional burden” associated with written contracts, 5) creates a video contract “wallet” to store multiple contracts in one location for easy retrieval and review and 6) provides “cloud cover” with online access to video contracts in case of theft or loss of a smart phone.


Lexigogo video contracts are electronic documents with electronic signatures and are therefore legally binding for most personal and business transactions around the world. Each Lexigogo video contract has been developed so that 1) signers can be uniquely identified and linked to their e-signatures, 2) they have access to effective video contracts at any time, and 3) effective contracts cannot be altered or tampered with.


“Given the trends towards managing business via smart phones and communicating with video, Lexigogo has the potential to revolutionize basic contracting,” notes Theunis. “It can bring legal comfort and security to people all over the world.”





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Laurens G. Theunis

Chief Executive Officer

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