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Lexigogo for more legal equality and justice

Bringing more legal comfort and equality to all layers of society

Lexigogo video contracts are not only fast and easy, they also don’t require complex reading or writing skills.  Globally, over 1.5 billion people cannot properly read or write but do sign contracts every day.  Southern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa alone are home to almost 600 million illiterate adults.  Lexigogo provides these people with a powerful tool to assure themselves they truly understand what they agree upon. 

‘Functional’ illiteracy is an overlooked problem

Functional illiteracy refers to a large group of people who can read and write simple sentences but are not able to deal with longer and more complex text documents, causing large problems in daily life, such as understanding contracts.  It is estimated that in the United States 32 million adults are functional illiterate while the whole of Europe accounts for nearly 70 million functional illiterate adults.

Lexigogo Legal Equality Programs

Together with social, governmental and corporate partners, Lexigogo is currently evaluating a number of dedicated social programs aimed at increasing legal security and equality in regions with high (functional) illiteracy rates.  We welcome interested parties to contact and support us in our fight for more legal equality and justice, all over the world!

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