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Lexigogo is the world’s first mobile app allowing users to video-record simple agreements or transactions and create binding video contracts without the hassle of written ones. It’s fast, easy and secure!


The #1 mobile video contracting app


Patent pending

Lexigogo filed an international (PCT) patent application covering underlying technology (methods and systems)

Make agreements

anytime, anywhere

Whether you are in a restaurant, in a meeting room or just outside on the street, the only thing you need to create a Lexigogo video contract is your smartphone. So yes, literally anytime, anywhere!

Fast, easy and instant!

No matter if you’re lending money to a friend, hiring a contractor to paint your living room or closing a business deal, creating a Lexigogo video contract only takes a few minutes.  No more need for time-consuming and costly written contracts!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is priceless 

Compared to written agreements, video contracts add more content, detail and legal intent. Audio-visual proof also helps to prevent frustrating disputes and legal conflicts afterwards. Good agreements make good friends!

Developed to be legally binding


For easy and secure access at all times

Effective video contracts are  stored in the Lexigogo Cloud

Once both parties have signed the video contract it becomes effective

One of the parties creates a video contract and films the agreement

Two users make a private or business agreement


No complex reading or writing skills required

Globally, more than 1.5 billion people cannot properly read or write but do sign written contracts every day.  Lexigogo provides these people with a powerful tool to assure themselves they truly understand what they agree upon. 

Timestamp picture.png

Each contract is timestamped

Geolocation icon.png

Each contract is geolocated


Use voice to narrate your transaction


Use visual gestures to detail your agreement

For individuals and small businesses

Lexigogo use cases are endless both for individuals and businesses. Check out our Use Cases page for more inspiration on how Lexigogo can make your life easier and your business more productive!


Download Lexigogo and start using it today!

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