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Guidelines: contract assignment

Want a room painted? Need a home repair? Visually capture the space or repair involved and set the terms with your contractor. Create another video upon project completion to vouch for a job well done.

Step 1: Identify the parties

As a registered user, open the Lexigogo app and push the + button to create a new video contract. Identify both yourself and the other party when starting the video recording, stating your full names and details as well as your roles in the agreement (client, contractor, etc.).

Step 2: Describe the assignment

Explain what work will be done by which party and make sure to film the room and/or item in/on which the work should be done in detail. Zoom in where necessary and ensure adequate lighting for visibility. The more in detail you describe “the job” (material used, color to be applied, finishing details, etc.), the more solid your agreement will be.

Step 3: Payment, conditions and terms

Agree on a price and payment terms (fee, due date, etc.), including dates of work commencement and completion. Pause the video as necessary to ensure you capture all terms.

Step 4: Mutual consent and “signature”

Once your draft video contract is ready, send it to the other party for approval. After approved, the video contract will be sent back to you for “counter-signature.” It becomes effective for both parties upon signature.

Note: The app will automatically log your geolocation, date and time so no need to state in your video.

*Note: Lexigogo is a medium developed by Lexigogo BVBA to store and exchange video contracts. Lexigogo BVBA does not in any case provide legal or any

other kind of advice, nor does its use create or enter into an attorney-client relationship. Lexigogo BVBA cannot be held liable or responsible for the content

of any video contract, nor any and all consequences (personal, legal, paralegal, etc.), damages, obligations and claims related to or arising therefrom. In case

of doubt about the validity of a specific agreement in a Lexigogo Video Contract in a specific geography or jurisdiction, we recommend that you consult a

lawyer licensed to practice law in your country or state. Please click the link above to access our full Terms & Conditions. Lexigogo BVBA is not a qualified trust service provider. 

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