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Easy registration

In order to make your first video contract, you'll need to create a Lexigogo account and complete your profile.  Your contact information will appear in every video contract you create but will not be visible to the public. 

Create a video contract in just a few minutes

Simply launch Lexigogo, film the agreement, add the other user to the video contract proposal and send it to the other user for his or her approval.  Once both parties have signed the video contract, it becomes effective. 


Easy and secure access to all your video contracts

Effective and draft video contracts are automatically stored in the Lexigogo cloud for easy 24/7 access.  Once signed, Lexigogo contracts cannot be manipulated by the users providing unaltered legal evidence.

Geolocation & Timestamp

Each effective Lexigogo video contract automatically receives a geolocation and timestamp notification validating exactly where and when the video contract was created.


Manage your connections

In order to create a video contract with another Lexigogo user, you both have to be connected.  Lexigogo allows you to easily invite other users to connect and to manage your connections.

Legally binding

Lexigogo video contracts are electronic documents signed with electronic signatures and are therefore legally binding for nearly every personal or business transaction all over the world. Click here for more information about the legality.

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