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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is Lexigogo free?

A: Yes, today Lexigogo is 100 percent free.

Q: Are video contracts enforceable by law?

A: Yes. That’s because Lexigogo video contracts are electronic documents signed with electronic signatures. According to most national and regional laws (including in the United States, European Union, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Russia, China and India), electronic signatures cannot be denied legal effect in court and are therefore legally binding for almost every personal or business transaction. Click here for more information about national laws and the legality of Lexigogo video contracts around the world.

Q: What are the essential elements to include in a video contract?

A: Simply put, a contract should include the offer and acceptance, a legal purpose, lawful purpose, certainty of terms (people, places, things, prices and time frames) and free consent. Click here for more information about the essential elements. Also, check our guidelines for some example use cases (for example, lending money, selling your car or hiring a contractor).

Q: Why do I have to provide personal details, such as my address and phone number?

A: As with any other handwritten contract, the personal details of both parties will be exchanged and included in video contracts so that in case of any question or conflict, you can easily contact the other party.  Please note that Lexigogo will NOT use your personal data for commercial purposes. For more information, see our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Q: Will my personal contact details be visible to all users?

A: No, your personal details will only be visible to users with whom you are connected (see below).  For more information on your profile and contact details, check out video 6 in our how-to tutorial series. 

Q: Can I be registered and hide my profile from other users?

A: Yes, in your profile settings, you have the option to hide your profile from the public. For more information on how to hide yourself, see video 6 in our how-to tutorial series.

Q: What do I have to do in case of any conflict arising from an effective video contract?

A: As with any other handwritten or verbal agreement, we recommend to first find a solution in an amicable way. In most cases, reviewing the content of the video contract will provide sufficient proof and clarity to prevent misunderstandings or conflict escalation. If you are not able to resolve the situation amicably, we recommend you contacting a lawyer or legal expert.

Q: Can I connect with other users before making a video contract?

A: Yes, and we generally recommend to first connect with the second party as this will allow you to see and verify his or her full contact details before the actual filming of the video contract. To connect with another user, simply go to Your Connections, tap the + icon (add new connection) in the bottom right corner and then search for and select the other party by email, first name or last name. For more information on how to connect with other users, see video 2 in our how-to tutorial series.

Q: Can I make a contract with a person who is not a registered user?

A: Yes, but we generally recommend you first ask that person to register and connect with you. However, in some instances, the second party may not be able to register at the time of video contract creation (for example, there is no network access). In that case, the registered party can create the video contract by tapping the + icon (create new contract) on the home screen, record the video contract proposal and select the second party by typing his or her email to invite that person to join Lexigogo. The second party will then receive an email with an invitation to join Lexigogo along with your contract proposal.

Q: How do I make a good quality video?

A: In addition to including all essential elements to make a video contract legally binding and enforceable, it is also important to capture a video of sufficient quality to avoid poor visuals, sound and uncertainty. Click here for tips to help you make quality video contracts.

Q: What should I use as a cover photo to represent my video contract?

A: Simply take a picture of the relevant person, place or thing with your smartphone or select a photo from your gallery. Alternatively, you can also use a photo from a free stock provider such as or

*Note: Lexigogo is a medium developed by Lexigogo BVBA to store and exchange video contracts. Lexigogo BVBA does not in any case provide legal or any

other kind of advice, nor does its use create or enter into an attorney-client relationship. Lexigogo BVBA cannot be held liable or responsible for the content

of any video contract, nor any and all consequences (personal, legal, paralegal, etc.), damages, obligations and claims related to or arising therefrom. In case

of doubt about the validity of a specific agreement in a Lexigogo Video Contract in a specific geography or jurisdiction, we recommend that you consult a

lawyer licensed to practice law in your country or state. Please click the link above to access our full Terms & Conditions. Lexigogo BVBA is not a qualified trust service provider. 

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