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Business Solutions (B2B2C) use case

Car rental

Besides its mobile video app for the consumer market, Lexigogo has also developed a B2B2C concept for the corporate world aimed at increasing productivity and enhancing consumer satisfaction.  One of the use cases in the car rental market is the video recording of the car inspection process during pick up and return

Earlier this year, Lexigogo performed a pilot study in which rental car inspections were filmed by customers using the Lexigogo app. The study demonstrated that having the entire inspection process recorded on video and securely stored at a neutral location significantly increases the customers’ peace of mind. Higher consumer comfort provides rental car companies with a powerful marketing leverage vis-à-vis their competitors. Moreover, filming the car inspection process and storing the recorded video at the trusted Lexigogo Cloud is simple and fast, and does not interfere with the current ‘pen & paper’ practices applied by most car rental companies.  

The technical integration of Lexigogo with existing applications of car rental companies is straightforward with minimal data to be added to a deep link to the Lexigogo app through which the videos are recorded, securely stored and made easily accessible to the car rental company. 

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The above video demonstrates a video recording of a car inspection at pick up.  The customer and the car rental employee are preforming the inspection of the car while the customer is filming the entire process without interfering with the 'pen & paper' practice.  Both visual and audio confirmation help to prevent misunderstandings and disputes afterwards thereby increasing consumer comfort (even under sub-optimal recording conditions such as in the above video). 

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