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Lexigogo, a first mover 

in the legal tech industry!

Lexigogo is a tech company engaged in the development of mobile video contracting applications.


Lexigogo aims to drastically change the way how people and businesses make agreements with each other. Our ultimate goal is to bring contracting back to the essence, make people's lives easier and offer more legal equality to all layers of society, all over the world!    


The Lexigogo video contracting technology is patent-pending. Lexigogo has filed an international (PCT) patent application covering the technology, methods and systems.


The principal offices of Lexigogo are located in Belgium with additional development hubs spread across Europe.  

Download the Lexigogo app and start using it today! 

The story of Grace and Joe...

"Save a tree dad! Video it or it didn't happen!"

"Oh man, I still have to ask her dad!"

"You have my blessing, son. But! ...."

Lexigogo in the news

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